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T-Mobile Black Friday Sale 2018: The best products at lowest prices this season with up to $144 off

The most anticipated sale of 2018, the Black Friday Sale is less than two months away now and the excitements are greater than ever. During T-mobile Black Friday Sale, most vendors, and retailers, no matter how premium they are, starts offering incredible Black Friday Deals on most of their products. So, it might be safe to be assumed that T-Mobile, one of the most popular cellular service providers in the country, also gonna offer T-mobile Black Friday Deals on the products at their online store.

T-Mobile Black Friday Sale 2018

Use the table below to have a brief idea about the starting prices of products at some of the most popular categories at the T-Mobile store.

Product Category T-mobile Black Friday Deals
Mobiles $75
Tablets $144
Accessories $9.97

Site Wide T-mobile Black Friday Deals 2018

Here is an offer that is valid across all products on T-mobile Black Friday Deals 2018.

Free shipping

Now you don’t have to worry about paying a hefty amount for the shipping charges of your products brought at T-Mobile online store during T-mobile Black Friday Deals.

  • You need to get a new activation to be eligible for this offer.
  • However, the promo code required for this offer is 2DAY.
  • The product will be delivered to you within two days of your order date.

Top 15 products under T-Mobile Black Friday sale 2018

Check out some of the most popular products at the T-Mobile store.

  • Apple iPhone XS Max

The costlier version of the iPhone XS, the XS Max features a massive 6.5-inch retina display which is certainly the highlight of this device. During the Black Friday sale, you can get it for $1099.99 only.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 at $720

The Galaxy S9 looks mesmerizing thanks to its curved display. Samsung also has massively improved the camera in the S9 that made shooting professional quality photos and videos a piece of cake in this device.

  • T-Mobile REEVL Plus

An original creation from T-Mobile, the REEVL Plus offers a bunch of decent specs at an economical price tag. During the T-Mobile Black Friday hours, you can get this product for as low as $175 only.

  • Motorola Moto E5 play 5th Generation at $150

The Moto E5 Play is designed to run all day on a single charge while still allowing you to get everything done. The phone runs on a Snapdragon 427 processor and features an 8MP camera with autofocus.

  • Alcatel Go Flip

Finally, for those who still feel comfortable using the traditional flip cell phones, the Alcatel Go Flip can prove to be the ultimate choice for them. During these T-Mobile Black Friday Deals, you can get it for $75.

  • Alcatel A30 tablet at $144

Discover a whole new level of entertainment in a very economical pricing thanks to the Alcatel A30. The device runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat OS and features complete support of 4G and LTE connections.

  • Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

The flagship device of Samsung’s venture into the smartwatch section, the Gear S3 Frontier offers you a truly premium experience, both in terms of performance and looks. The MRP of this product is $350.

  • Apple Watch Series 4 at $699.99

In series 3, Apple has almost managed to make a completely independent device. While the Apple Watch series 4 still depends on your iPhone a lot, it is certainly the best smartwatch ever designed.

  • Apple iPad 6th generation

Apple iPad 6th generation offers you the most economical iPad experience (selling price is only $459.99 during the T-Mobile Black Friday sale) but this also means that you need to compromise on some specs.

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch at $375

The basic Samsung Galaxy watch features all the functionalities that you can expect in a smartwatch. You can call, text, read SMS and listen to music on the go. It is also spill, splash, dust, and damage resistant.

  • Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime Incipio Design Series Classic – Silver Prism

This classic NGP case from Incipio offers a brilliant style and its soft shell technology keeps your phone safe. The list price of this product is $19.99 but during T-mobile Black Friday Sale, you can get it for $9.97.

  • 75% off on Apple iPhone X/XS Case-Mate Waterfall Case – Magenta Waterfall

Show your style brightly thanks to this glittery waterfall case that comes with a dynamic snow globe effect. The product has an MRP of $39.99 but during T-mobile Black Friday Sale, it is available for as low as $9.97 only.

  • Save $25.02 on LG G6 Incipio Esquire Series

This amazing case brings a very classy and premium look in your G6 thanks to its brilliant textures and shades. It is also very slim yet strong enough to save your phone from accidental drops and scuffs.

  • Apple Lightning to 3.5MM Headphone Adapter

This small and handy adapter lets you connect a 3.5 MM audio jack to your lightning ports. During the T-Mobile Black Friday Deals, you can get this product for as low as $9.99 only.

  • Ultra Pro stereo buds at $11.97

Listen to music just the way it is meant to be heard. The design of the buds is very comfortable making it perfect for long use. During T-mobile Black Friday Sale, you can save as much as $8.02 on this product.

Popular Categories under T-Mobile Black Friday Sale 2018

Mobile Phones

At the T-Mobile store, you can shop for a number of Android or iPhones with the bundled connection of T-Mobile. The top Android phones include the latest Samsung Galaxy Series while you will also find the latest iPhone XS and XS Max here. During T-Mobile Black Friday sale, you can expect to get some decent discounts on their bundled prices. The price of the products in this category starts from as low as $75. Here are some of the top products in this category.

Product Name T-mobile Black Friday deals
 Apple iPhone XS $999.99
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 $870
LG G7 ThinQ $750
  • Apple iPhone XS at $999.99

One of the two iPhones recently launched, the iPhone XS offers a stunning 5.8-inch retina display and is powered by a powerful A12 bionic chipset. And you also get a 12 MP dual camera set up for better clicks.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9

At the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has offered us to use the S pen for a number of new features such as remotely controlling your Note 9. During the T-Mobile Black Friday sale, you can get it for $870 only.

  • LG G7 ThinQ at $750

In the latest G7, LG has tried to design its all operations around their AI the ThinQ. And the results of this is stunning. You get a ton of automation and advanced image processing with DTS 3D surround sound.


Tablet computers have failed to bring the impact smartphones and laptops have made in our lives but that does not make them irrelevant today. Today they are more powerful than ever, thinner than ever and they are certainly to carry than a laptop. At the T-Mobile store, you will get a number of tabs from top brands such as Apple, Samsung, Alcatel etc. Check out the table below to know the indicative price of the top products in this category.

Product Name T-mobile Black Friday Deals
Apple iPad Pro $779.99
Samsung Galaxy Tab E $240
Apple iPad Mini 4 $529.99
  • Apple iPad Pro at $779.99

The Apple iPad Pro is a true powerhouse. The A10X Fusion chip used in this device makes it more powerful than a number PCs. You also get iOS 12, Apple Pencil and smart keyboard in this device.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab E

The Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with a nice 8-inch display and a mammoth 5000 mAh battery. There is support for memory cards for up to 128 GB. The selling price of this product during the T-Mobile sale is $240.

  • Apple iPad Mini 4 at $529.99

The iPad Mini 4 offers you most features of the original iPad in a smaller, significantly thinner and most importantly in a very economical package. This device also supports Apple’s flagship OS the iOS 12.


Accessories do not only bring a new functionality or added protection to your device but it also allows you to customize your device’s looks. Also, during T-mobile Black Friday Sale, you can a huge number of brilliant accessories from top brands. The maximum discount in this category is 75%.

Product T-mobile Black Friday Deals
T-Mobile 4 ft. Lightning cable About 50% off
Apple iPhone X strong case Get 66.75% discount
PopSockets The Bomb Starts at $9.99
  • T-Mobile 4 ft. long lightning cable at $9.97

If you need to charge or sync your lightning device form a long range, then you must go for this product. The list price of this product is $19.99 but during T-Mobile Black Friday Deals, you can save up to $10.02.

  • Save $20.02 on Apple iPhone X Griffin Survivor Strong Case

Protect your precious iPhone X from those occasional slips and drops using this strong case from Griffin. This case is extremely strong (military standard 810-G) but still very lightweight and extremely slim.

  • PopSockets-The Bomb at $9.99

PopSockets is the smart new way to hold your phone. It attaches with the back of your phone and is able to expand and collapse making it absolutely easy to use in either the portrait or the landscape mode.

How to Shop during T-Mobile Black Friday Sale?

Just follow these below steps in order to shop at the T-Mobile store and avail all the benefits from the upcoming T-Mobile Black Friday Deals.

  • Firstly, Visit T-Mobile’s official website using your credentials.
  • Secondly, Navigate to the ‘phone’ section.
  • Search for your favorite product available under T-mobile Black Friday Deals section.
  • Click order now add the product to your cart.
  • Choose between monthly bundle plan or pay the full price.
  • Thereafter, Proceed to checkout.
  • Enter your delivery address.
  • Finally, Pay using any of the supported payment methods.
  • Once payment is successfully made, you will receive communication from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile offers a number of top products at their online stores. And the best thing is that on all of these products you can use their attractive credit and EMI schemes to pay very easily. Add this to the expected discounts of the T-mobile Black Friday Sale and it becomes simply irresistible. So, do not hold back anymore. This Black Friday Sale, bring home a brand new smart device from T-Mobile.