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Black Friday Sale on Television 2018: 70% Discounts on Major stores

Black Friday is an extremely important day in America because all the stores open their doors with huge discounts for customers. This time you can avail not just discounts but great Black Friday Sale on Television using which you can earn discounts up to 20%. All the stores such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, JC Penney, Sears and so many more have profound discounts for you all during Black Friday Sale on Television.

Black Friday Sale on Television

Here are the Black Friday Sale on Television deals from various stores

BRANDS Black Friday Television Deals
LG Min 10% off
Samsung Max 45% off
Panasonic Up to 55% off
Phillips Max 25% off
Sony Min 25% off
Hisense Up to 50% off
TCL Max 35% off

Black Friday Sale on Television

Samsung Televisions

Samsung has always been the most trusted companies out of all as it has been in the market for a long time. This section has a lot of ongoing deals like max 30% off and many other offers as well. You can get any TV from the brand and many on EMI as well. All the latest Televisions are available in this sale, you name it and you got it. Most stores also have special offers for people who want to opt for fast delivery. Deals are available on most products in this Black Friday Sale on Television which will get you more discounts.

50 inch LED TV $449
43 inch LED TV $329
58 inch LED TV $649
  • 55 inch LED TV for $549 at best buy

This Samsung television has three HDMI ports. Hence, you can connect multiple gaming consoles or HD devices and save $100 on it due to Black Friday Sale on Television.

  • 65 inch LED TV under 15% off on Amazon

This TV features 4K resolution and Pure Colour technology that offers a crisp, clear picture with millions of vibrant colors. Also, its Clean Cable Solution hides unsightly cords. The price is only $849.

  • 75 inch LED: Save $200 on Walmart

Experience movies in a new way with this 75-inch Samsung television with UHD Engine that optimizes the lowest quality content for a 4K resolution to produce crisp images for a price of $1599.

LG Televisions

Some of us literally have our lives revolving around Televisions which is why the best of LG Televisions are available during Black Friday Sale on Television. Best thing is that LG televisions are quite expensive and during Black Friday Sale on Television they are available for up to 50% off on the original price. You can buy one from any store you want as most stores will have Black Friday Sale on Television that will make them way cheaper to buy.

70 inch LED TV $1099
43 inch LED TV $349
49 inch LED TV $649
  • 50 inch LED TV for $379 at Sears

This one has features like Thin Q AI system that has Google Home and Amazon Echo compatibility for controlling functions via voice commands and you get 24% off on it at Sears store.

  • 55 inch class LED TV: save $50 at JC Penney

Packed with 8.3 million pixels and a quad-core processor. Also, this Ultra HD TV showcases movies and TV programs in mesmerizing detail and clarity and it is priced at only $549.

  • 65-inch smart LED TV for $1699 at best buy

Experience enhanced cinematic viewing on this 65-inch LG Super UHD TV. Its α7 intelligent processor produces sharp, accurate images in 4K resolution and you save $200 on its price.

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Sony televisions

Black Friday Sale on Television has the biggest collection of Sony televisions starting from smart Televisions, 4k resolution Televisions, 32 inches to even 75-inch Televisions. However, all of them have a good amount of discount which will convince you to buy them at a maximum discount of 40% under the Black Friday Sale on Television. There is nothing that you won’t find under this sale which is filled up with amazing Televisions for you to shop from.

70 inch X69OE series TV $1199
49-inch X9OOF series TV $1099
43 inch X8OOE series TV $649
  • 70 inch smart TV for $1199 at Walmart

Its 4K resolution delivers the clearest images. Its 60Hz refresh rate minimizes motion blur to produce lifelike video and you save $50 on its price because of the Walmart Black Friday Sale on Television.

  • 65-inch 4K ultra TV: save $200 at Amazon

Play games and watch movies on this 65-inch Sony 4K TV. Its full-array local dimming delivers stunning brightness and a more colorful picture with high contrast and it is priced at only $1999.

  • 55-inch ultra HD TV under 13% off at Best Buy

This TV features 4K resolution and automatic dimming technology deliver a crisp picture with bright, accurate colors, and its Smart connectivity lets you stream digital media within a price of $1299.

Hisense Televisions

The Hisense televisions during Black Friday Sale on Television have maximum discounts out of all the categories. You will get flat 60% off especially on most of the Televisions. Along with this, you will have many options based on screen size and features, to shop from. New products with the latest technology will be stocked up in the collection that most stores have. If you look at most of the stores under these Black Friday Deals, amazing discounts will be in abundance. Any type of TV you need, you will find it at Black Friday Sale on Television.

5O inch R7 series TV $329
65 inch H9 plus series $899
75 inch H8E series $1099
  • 55-inch smart tv for $349 at Walmart

This TV provides ultra-high-definition viewing with the 4K display, and the UHD up scaler raises the quality of low-resolution images to close to UHD resolutions and you can save $100 on the price.

  • 65 inch Roku tv under 25% off at Sears

The dual-band wireless connection of this TV provides access to thousands of streaming movies, sports and news programs, and the 4K resolution delivers clearly defined pictures under a price of $599.

  • 75 inch UHD TV under 26% off at JC Penney

This TV features an Android operating system that provides access to popular apps. These apps let you customize your viewing experience, and 4K UHD resolution within a price of $1099.

TCL Televisions

All kinds of Televisions are available through this Black Friday Sale on Television at discounts maximum 45% on the best brand that is TCL and that too on most stores. You will get everything during this Bla

ck Friday Sale on Television, from smart Televisions to Ultra HD screen features. TCL televisions on most stores have the maximum discount and new products coming in this sale will have even better discounts and you can save so much.

40 inch 3 series TV $219
55 inch 5 series TV $449
43 inch 4 series TV $259
  • 49 inch 4 series LED TV for $319 at Best Buy

This one has ultra HD resolution that produces lifelike picture details, and its Clear Motion Index enhancement technology lets you view fast-action scenes seamlessly and you save $30 on it.

  • 55 inch 4 series LED TV: save $20 at Walmart

The ultra HD technology of this TV delivers lifelike images and accurate colors, and it has a dual-band Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port for connectivity under a price of $379.

  • 65 inch 4 series LED TV: save $100 at Sears

This TV delivers lifelike colour and detail to the large 65-inch screen, making it ideal for viewing live-action sports within a price of $599 during Black Friday Sale on Television.

Sharp Televisions

Black Friday Sale on Television has all televisions from Sharp on discount of up to 40%. In this category, you will find all sizes of LED Televisions with different price ranges and with amazing offers on them. Different types of screen resolutions and options like smart Televisions are also available with features that you can choose from. As for the price, most stores have reasonable prices because of Black Friday Sale on Television.

50 inch 2160P LED TV $379
32 inch LED TV $169
55 inch LED TV $429
  • 65 inch LED TV for $599 at Best Buy

The 4K resolution of this TV provides clear images, and its Roku interface lets you access a variety of streaming services and you are saving $100 on it straight away at Best Buy Black Friday Sale on Television.

  • 43 inch LED TV: save $20 at Sears

Enjoy maximum impact from this Sharp 43-inch TV. It turns up the detail thanks to ultra-precise 4K resolutions that deliver four times as much detail like Full HD under a price of $329 due to Black Friday Sale on Television.

  • 50 inch 1080p LED TV under 6% off at JC Penney

Cast Full HD content with this 50-inch Sharp Roku TV. Its easy-to-use interface enables versatile control via the included remote and its mobile app with a price of $329 only!

Vizio Televisions

Vizio has made its name in the electronics industry and every shopping store online is very keen on selling their Televisions because of the popularity. Black Friday Sale on Television literally has the best deals on Vizio Televisions as you get product warranty of up to 2 years which no other store gives. Bank offers are always there to give 5% off on the Televisions and there is a lot you can explore in the offers section with max 35% off and even the TV collection that most stores carry. It’s all there for you to shop from.

50 inch LED TV $399
70 inch LED TV $899
43 inch LED TV $349
  • 50 inch LED TV: save $60 at Walmart

With Ultra HD resolution for incredibly sharp detail that’s 4x the resolution of 1080p Full HD, this television also features a powerful full array LED backlight under a price of $399.

  • 32 inch LED TV under 9% off at JC Penney

It has Chromecast built in for quick access to almost any streaming app, and it lets you browse content easily via its smart cast remote, its price is only $199 during this sale.

  • 24 inch LED TV under 11% off

Its Full HD resolution delivers a crisp, clear picture, and the all-new remote with smart cast TELEVISIONSM lets you browse and launch popular streaming apps and it is priced at $139.

Insignia Televisions

You are literally getting up to 40% off on Televisions from this brand and there are many other Black Friday television deals to add to the benefits. Pay with your cards and earn further cash backs which you can use later on to shop even more at the store. You can also opt for EMI options using your bank’s credit cards. This might get you discount on the TV you are buying under Black Friday Sale on Television.

32 inch LED TV $129
50 inch LED TV $249
39 inch LED TV $199
  • 43 inch LED TV: save $50 at best buy

It has a maximum 4K resolution so that you get even more lifelike images from 4K broadcasts, and a rapid 60Hz refresh rate with a price of $249 under black Friday sale.

  • 24 inch LED TV: save $50 at amazon

This TV features a sleep timer turns off the power after a set period of time to save energy, and its 178-degree viewing angle ensures everyone has a great view and you get it for $79 only!

  • 19 inch LED TV: save $10 at Sears

You get built-in DTS sound technology that delivers clear, natural audio with powerful bass, 720p HD resolution and a price of $69 under the sale.

Toshiba Televisions

All the Televisions from Toshiba are available under cash back deals that could save you a ton of money using offers that give up to 20% off during Black Friday Sale Television Deals. Moreover, if you are interested in buying accessories as well, there are complementary offers available at various stores which you will definitely love. All sizes and qualities of screens are available under Toshiba. Hence, it is one of the oldest and most trusted brands.

55 inch LED TV $284
32 inch LED TV $99
50 inch LED TV $349
  • 43 inch 2160p LED TV for $299 at Walmart

This TV has Fire TV experience built-in and including a Voice Remote with Alexa. With true-to-life 4K Ultra HD picture quality and access to all the movies and TV shows along with 11% off on the price.

  • 49 inch LED TV for $299 at Amazon

If you buy this TV at 12 % off, you can easily launch apps, search for TV shows, play music, switch inputs, control smart home devices and more, using just your voice.

  • 43 inch 1080p LED TV for $249 at JC Penney

Save $50 on this TV that gives you a superior TV experience that gets smarter every day because of the great resolution and its smart features.

Sun Brite Televisions

Sun Brite is a very exclusive brand and not everyone buys their Televisions but the quality that the brand offers is out of the world. Some of the outdoor Televisions from the company are available during Black Friday Television Deals only which is a good thing because you get a better price than the market as stores like Best Buy. Also, it has great offers available which make shopping even better. You can also opt for other deals such as replacement deals during Black Friday Sale on Television. Some bank offers are also available at up to $50 off and these Televisions are worth buying with 25% on most of them.

55 inch LED TV $1999
75 inch LED TV $9999
43 inch LED TV $1499
  • 65 inch LED TV: save $150 at best buy

This TV comes standard with a premium direct-lit 4K UHD screen, is brighter than typical indoor televisions and includes built-in down-firing speakers under a price of $3499.

  • 49 inch LED TV under 9% off at Amazon

This outdoor TV is operational in temperatures from -40 degrees F to 122 degrees F, and the rugged aluminum exterior makes it perfect for any climate and the price of $4295 is anyways amazing.

  • 32 inch LED TV for $3295 at Walmart

An outdoor TV with an ultrabright screen that stays brilliant and fully visible in any light condition thanks to its enhanced solar tolerance technology. You already have 15% off on the price.

Black Friday Television Hours

The Black Friday Television Hours will be live for you from 1 PM in the afternoon to 2 AM in the morning and consecutively for three days during Black Friday weekend. Make your lists now to make sure you don’t miss on any of the great Televisions which are on discount during this Black Friday. Explore all you can under this amazing sale.

How to Shop During Black Friday Sale on Television?

Follow these simple steps in order to shop for the best televisions:

  • Firstly, Open the website or the app on your phone or visit the store you want to shop from.
  • Search for the product you are looking for.
  • You will find a lot of categories on the home page along with discounts, you can choose from that too.
  • Once you find the product you are looking for, add it to cart.
  • Keep shopping if you want or proceed to checkout.
  • Add in all your details.
  • Thereafter, Proceed for payment.
  • Add on a promo code if you have it, in the offers section.
  • Go for online banking if you want to avail any bank offer.
  • Finally, Complete the payment.
  • Soon you will receive a confirmation message.

Why Shop During Black Friday Sale on Television?

Sales like this don’t come back again and again. It’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity with offers like these. Black Friday Television Deals is here to ensure that you get the best price for every product you buy along with the best-added deals too. Don’t miss out on an opportunity like this and prepare your shopping lists.